The Ultimate Betrayal and the Chocolate Soufflé



My Story




Content 11. My Story


2. The Establishment of the Historic Brisbane Restaurants


3. The Unforgettable Chocolate Soufflé & the Government’s Broken Promises

• The Government’s concealment of evidence

• The “Bugging” and the Abbott Government’s Metadata Retention Policy


Content 24. The loss of the Tivoli Restaurant Business, Home & Superannuation


5. The Four Part Mini Series


6. The Plot  –  Episode One to Four


7. The Politicians Four Broken Promises of Settlement

• The first broken promise

Content 3• The second broken promise

• The third broken promise

• The fourth broken promise


8. My Early days in Brisbane


9. The AUSTEL meeting  –  Fortitude Valley businesses and residents


10. Yes Prime Minister

Content 4• The Australian Federal Police “Operation Oregon” investigation. Phone line sabotage & the Bugging of phone conversations –phone hacking
• The Paedophile Ring
• The Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Damian Bugg’s Response to the Bugging Investigation
• The Destruction of files
• The Commonwealth Attorney General Senator the Hon George Brandis QC (Senator for Queensland) 2014 reply


Content 511. The Fast Track Arbitration 1994 – 1996

• The Arbitrator’s Award – Complaint to the Commonwealth Attorney General Daryl Williams QC, False evidence in Statutory Declarations June 1996.

• Police expose’ – the QLD CriminalCode 1899, s194 “False Declarations and statements” – flawed at law and unenforceable

• The QLD Parliament Criminal Code Amendment Bill April 1997-CRIMINAL LAW AMENDMENT ACT 1997 Replacement of s 194 (False declarations and statements) The Queensland Police Investigation Report dated 3 October 2005.
• Freehills Legal Strategy
• Advice-Legal Professional Privilege
Suzanne McNichol – Associate Professor of Law Monash University

 Content 6

12. The Senate Working Party

• The Senate Legislation Committee
• The Senate Working Party process
September 1997- March 1999.
• The disappearance of Telstra files
• The Surveillance
• The Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Audit at Holding Redlich.
• The Victoria Police Investigation


13. The forced sale of the Tivoli freehold 1997

Content 7• The lease back of the Tivoli business.


14. The Supreme Court Judgement  –  Justice Harper August 1998

• The Judgment Justice David Harper
• The Fabrication of the wording of the Tivoli Restaurant Arbitration Technical Report in The Arbitrator’s Award and The Judgment
• The Department of Communications Legal Counsel Brief Published to the Media
• Report to the Prime Minister, Senate Committee and Minister for Communications
• The Supreme Court Transcript re False Affidavits and the destruction and concealment of


15. Yes Prime Minister

• The Senate Working Party and the T2 Sale deal
Content 10• Barry O’Sullivan
• The Survival Money only Direction
• Senator Ron Boswell – The Political Promotion deal.


16. The eviction from the Tivoli Restaurant April 1999

• The Tivoli Valuation – Herron Todd White

• The Tivoli Administration – Warwick Parer and Deloitte.

• The Death Threats

• Loss of the Tivoli business and personal possessions
• Apology – Wayne Goss Chairman Deloitte

 Content 11

17. The Channel 9 Sunday Program

• The Intimidation of Journalists and technical consultants.
• The Political influence – The Sydney Lawyers
• The unworthy Public Apology and the Payoff


18. Yes Minister – Yes Prime Minister

• The T3 Sale Vote Deal – Senator Barnaby Joyce and the Minister for Communications Senator Helen Coonan.


19. Yes Minister  –  The CDDA Scheme Claim review

• Senator Stephen Conroy -Minister for Communications and the AGS.


20. Promise of Settlement  –  Senator Boswell 7 November 2007

Content 12• The Political Promotion Deal
• The Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott MP reply 23 December 2013


21. Yes Minister  –  Comcover Insurance  –  The Negligent/Unreasonable Conduct claim

• The Department of Finance and Deregulation
• Minister for Finance Senator the Hon Mathais Cormann
• Summary of the circumstances of the
Governments Actions and Decisions.


22. The Family Homes

Photographic Historical Journey
• Architectural Building materials salvaged from CBD Buildings Brisbane and London incorporated in the family residence at 79 King Arthur Terrace Tennyson Brisbane.

 Content 13

23. Reference Index

• Web Address
• Document Tab Index
• Dropbox Video Presentations 1-8.


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